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Want to hire me for a group event? Choose one of the following packages and make your booking HERE 

PACKAGE 1. Finding Life Purpose: Unlocking Your Full Potential


  • Identify the meaning of purpose
  • Getting crystal clear
  • Dealing with limiting beliefs and obstacles
  • Creating a personal action plan
  • Give and receive support

TIME: 3 hours
COST: £100 (+£10/participant)

Having a sense of purpose decreases the risk of anxiety and depression. Having a sense of purpose allows you to live a meaningful life with intention and direction. People with a sense of purpose tend to have clearer goals, plans and daily actions. This workshop is a result of having worked with many clients who express that they feel “no point to it all”, questioning why they even get up in the morning, but also why they waste their life on procrastination and actions that make no sense. Includes visualisation meditation, group coaching, reflective journaling, discussions and tangible tools to be able to take the first step already that evening; big or small.

PACKAGE 2. Minimalism: The Many Faces


  • The story about the gadgets
  • The story about the relationships
  • The story about the brain clutter
  • The story about the bad habits
  • The story about the internet

TIME: 3 hours
COST: £100 (+£10/participant)

To declutter everything that is not serving us in life – whether it regards our home, relationships, our thoughts and behaviours – has incredible and powerful effects. Above all, we gain clarity and become active decision-makers in our own lives. It even allows space for the new to enter. This workshop gives a great overview of how we can apply the core of minimalism to all areas of our lives and what consequences that can have for us. Also includes reflective journaling, group discussions, coaching and tangible tools to allow the participants to start eliminating the plethora in life immediately.

PACKAGE 3. Minimalism and Spirituality


  • Smaller mess – More time for reflection and prayer
  • Smaller mess – More emotional (and physical) presence
  • Smaller mess – More space for faith and development of the relationship to the self

TIME: 3 hours
COST: £100 (+£10/participant)

Our society today is completely cluttered with impressions and stimuli demanding our attention. It gets harder and harder to filter and even harder to find peace. The more aspects of life we allow to clean up within, the more mental and physical space to we give our spirituality and inner life. Includes thoughts, discussion topics and hands-on tools for the participants to find their ways back to presence and the belief in something greater, as well as a short meditation.