Managing Time Like A Winner

I basically learn all of my life and business tools from my favourite Swedish podcasts, where people who are successful in all kinds of areas are interviewed. In one of the episodes, the interviewer mentioned something, kind of in a passing by, that has transformed my working days. Funny, isn’t it? How easy it would have been to not learn that and how unplanned comments can have such an impact on people?

In the episode, they were discussing productivity from a time management perspective. There were a few points that I could relate to:

  • When there is something important that needs to be done, I start by going through my inbox, answering or deleting emails, and by the time I am done, I have no time for what really matters and I have achieved nothing.
  • So often, we say good morning to our phones before our partners.
  • I don’t schedule things during the time of my day when I have the most energy.

So now I want to provide you with the tip that I learned then, that I have implemented in my life only to see me reach my goals so much faster than before.

  • At the start of your day, make a list of THREE THINGS, and three things only, that you have to get done that day. They are things that you KNOW will help you towards your goal, the three things that are the most natural next steps.

Emails can wait, plants can be watered later – and on social media there is an endless stream of content and therefore you are missing out on absolutely nothing.

If the above tip seems confusing and you think “But how do I know my 3 most important things?” In my reality, it is easier to not get things done, to procrastinate and not prioritize in a relevant way when we have no direction, no purpose. It is vital, in the long run, to have some sort of goals to work towards.

  • Define your goal(s)
  • Mark the bigger tasks in your calendar before anything else
  • Decide which 3 things you can do today to move you closer to that goal

Let us also briefly mention…

I was recently reminded of how even the possibility of distraction is a distraction. If your phone is within reach, you are always reminded of the opportunity of procrastination and endless content, not to mention if it keeps vibrating.

  • Remove everything from the space that you know might distract you. That is easier to do before you are even tempted.

And good luck training to master time like a pro!

I dare you to decide to make the next decade (less than two months to go!) the decade where you finally take the leap. Get crystal clear on your vision for yourself, create habits and routines that align with that dream and learn how you can truly manage your precious time! Make the decisions that need to be made. Invest in yourself, help others do the same. Incorporate a winner’s mindset into your system so that nothing will hold you back. Show up unapologetically in this world and Create Your Dream Life. If you could consider spending 3 hours of your life creating the strongest possible foundation and action plan for this, and you are based in Scotland, book your ticket to this inspiring and hands-on workshop, HERE. Spots are limited to ensure an intimate and supportive space. If you have any questions, just drop me an email here.

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