The 3 Most Significant Decisions I Have Made in 2019 (Big Revelation)

Every day of your life, take at least one step closer to your dream life. It can be a final big or small decision, it can be starting a kick-ass routine, removing an unhealthy habit. It can be dealing with procrastination, limiting beliefs and relationships that are holding you back. It can be something that you are scared of doing, preferably even, as that is the beginning of growth.

In 2019, I have implemented new morning routines, reached out to people I admire, stopped doing some pointless things, invested in workshops to develop myself; worked on my self-esteem, money mindset, saying NO, intuitive decision-making, prioritizing my sanity.

The impact on each and every one of these efforts have been visible and for every decision I make, the decision making muscle gets more and more trained.

So what are the 3 most significant decisions I have (so far) made in 2019?

  • Tracking my feminine cycle. Knowing what I need during every phase of my cycle has helped me optimize my life and business, and allowed me to take care of myself in the best possible way for me. This has also led me into the most wonderful communities and brought something very nourishing and sustainable into my business.
  • Hosting self-development workshops. It is when I realized that I actually do know my material, I am in the right place and I need to stop making excuses and postpone – that I set out to facilitate workshops for people in Edinburgh. I knew this would be fulfilling and that I had so much to give, and that is why I continue. By taking this leap of faith, some of my limiting beliefs disappeared and I have gotten to know incredible people.
  • Becoming a yoga teacher. The decision is made, but the journey has only just begun. All the pieces came together in the summer as multiple clues pointed in that direction. For years, I have told myself “before I can when I manage to do this and that position, I am ready to become a teacher“. I asked others what they think make a great teacher and admitted where I was just trying to make this impossible for me to achieve – and knew I was ready.

When I decided to become receptive and accepting towards it, these things have presented themselves to me along with new opportunities that spring out of each one.

So these are my biggest decisions, but as I said, I make a tiny decision everyday that lead me to my dream life. I invite opportunities, people and growth. And very rarely feel stagnation, frustration and helplessness anymore.

I dare you to decide to make the next decade (less than two months to go!) the decade where you finally take the leap. Get crystal clear on your vision for yourself, create habits and routines that align with that dream and learn how you can truly manage your precious time! Make the decisions that need to be made. Invest in yourself, help others do the same. Incorporate a winner’s mindset into your system so that nothing will hold you back. Show up unapologetically in this world and Create Your Dream Life. If you could consider spending 3 hours of your life creating the strongest possible foundation and action plan for this, and you are based in Scotland, book your ticket to this inspiring and hands-on workshop, HERE. Spots are limited to ensure an intimate and supportive space. If you have any questions, just drop me an email here.

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