I am having so much fun exploring the purpose of my life, are you? If you haven’t read my introduction to this series, about the existence or non-existence of life purpose, you can read that here. And last week, we explored our past, what has created our moral framework and what we loved to do. Read that post here.

Today we are focusing on the present, on our lives as they are now. Once again, we are going to use pen and paper to get the mess inside our brains into words that make sense. You can, of course, you these prompts as discussion topics with another person instead. If you can be honest and vulnerable with them.

Exploring your present is vital. Without knowing how you are living your life at this time of your life, it is very hard to identify what changes need to be done. The answers you get today are very useful to put in relation to the answers you got about your past from my last blog post. Getting an overview of your life also makes it easier to see which aspects create a tingle in your gut, versus which aspects just drain you. Using your intuition here can say something about your purpose.

Here are this weeks journaling prompts:

  1. What would your dream day look like? Details, details, details. From what you see when you open your eyes in the morning and the smell of your meals, to who you speak to during the day and how you feel during sunset.
  2. What makes you forget to eat and pee? Most of us have experiencing the state of “flow”, when we forget time and space.
  3. What do you constantly hear that you are good at? What are you good at, according to you?
  4. “My purpose is…” Keep finishing this sentence on paper. It does not matter if it starts with “…lay in bed all day”. Answer and answer and answer. Eventually you will feel a tingle. Then you might scream out loud or start crying. Do not stop until you get a satisfying “aha” moment.

I do not imagine that you will be on the same page in your mind afterwards as you were when you started journaling today. Good luck!


Would you rather explore this with a group of like-minded purpose seekers? On September 28th 2019, I will be hosting an in-person workshop near Edinburgh. Perfect if you feel completely lost, simply need to get crystal clear on your purpose or need the tools to turn the dreams into plans. Together with beautiful yoga teacher and spiritual friend Romaine, we will explore this journey so thoroughly together, that you will come out of it with your unique action plan, feeling supported and confident to live an intentional life. Creating this space for you is actually perfectly descriptive of my very purpose, but I will get into that then. Places are limited to guarantee a safe and intimate atmosphere, so BOOK YOUR SPOT HERE. Can’t wait to see you there. If you have any questions, pop them over here and I will get in touch soon.

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