melissa-askew-8n00CqwnqO8-unsplash.jpgIf you have stumbled upon this blog post and feel completely clueless, I advise that you first read my previous article where I explain my view on the existences or non-existence of life purpose here.

When I invest in self-discovery time alone, I mostly do so through reflective journaling. There are, in my experience, few things as powerful as articulating the abstractions in your head, stating things on paper. Don’t be afraid of letting the pen just flow. I am sure you will notice immediately if something feels right or not as you jot it down. Keep writing until you reach big or small “aha” moments. We will get back to this in a second.

But first things first, and yes – where do you actually start? Well, I started chronologically, with my past. And no, there was no digging for traumas involved. Let me explain. Exploring the past is very helpful, particularly regarding two aspects:

  • Digging into where you come from can teach you a whole lot about your current attitudes, ideas and “truths” as well as your limiting beliefs and bad habits. In other words – discovering what isn’t really you about you so that you can break free from that and create your own truths. As you start this journey, it is to me vital to keep asking yourself this: “Do I want this because of me, or because of [insert anything or anyone that has ever had an impact on you]?”
  • Re-exploring a time of your life when you hadn’t yet started caring about other people, society, your looks; when nobody expected mature responsibility and wise decisions from you, can say a whole lot about the essence of you. What do I mean by that? Well, if we peel off all layers that society, culture and experiences have built around you, what is left? Something pure; your engine and true potential.

Speaking of the past – it shows that you are a miracle. Statistically speaking, 1 in 4 quadrillions of a chance to be born. Just a little reminder 😉

So here you go, some journaling prompts! Please take your time with each question. Don’t settle for surface-level answers. The deeper the introspection, the greater the revelations, I believe!

  1. What have the people who raised you told you about purpose in life?
  2. What has the society you grew up in told you about life purpose? School, religion, media, role models, culture, leaders. I hope you are ready to admit how much this might have shaped you.
  3. What did you love doing as a child? Close your eyes, picture yourself in all kinds of environments. What activities did you keep coming back to? How were you as a person? What made you laugh the hardest?
  4. If 8 year old you saw the 2019 version of you – what would they be proud of? What would make them cry?

Read through your notes and think a little bit about how you are currently living your life. What can you see?


Would you rather explore this with a group of like-minded purpose seekers? On September 28th 2019, I will be hosting an in-person workshop near Edinburgh. Perfect if you feel completely lost or simply need to get crystal clear on your purpose. Together with beautiful yoga teacher and spiritual friend Romaine, we will explore this journey so thoroughly together, that you will come out of it with your unique action plan, feeling supported and confident to live an intentional life. Creating this space for you is actually perfectly descriptive of my very purpose, but I will get into that then. Places are limited to secure a safe and intimate atmosphere, so BOOK YOUR SPOT HERE. Can’t wait to see you there. If you have any questions, pop them over here and I will get in touch soon.

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