[Exciting announcement at the end of this post!]

We don’t know if we have a purpose in this life. We don’t know if a higher power or set of genetics has an intention for us. Just like we don’t know anything about…anything. Any truth we learn is only a truth until it is proven false.

Do you find this depressing? I sure don’t. I think the fact that there is nothing we know for certain comes with liberation and mind-blowing potential. If we can’t be certain about anything, why not choose a life that makes us the strongest, most resourceful and happy people we can be? (Quoting David J.P Phillips there)

Because of the fact that I choose to live, I would like my life to feel exciting and meaningful, I would like to have a sense of purpose. I am choosing to have a purpose. Becasue why not?

Why not try to avoid (some of the issues that a sense of purpose is said to decrease):

  • Boredom, anxiety and depression
  • Being self-centered, sad and discontented
  • Far away from any state of “flow”. (Read Mihaly Csikszentmihalyis book “Flow”)

Let us also have a look at a screenshot from Celestine Chua’s “5 reasons you should have a life purpose” depicting a life without vs. with a clear purpose:


To some extent, I still consider myself “all over the place”. But the fact is, I am not. I have great plans, but they align so well with the purpose I have chosen.

BONUS: Being an indecisive person, this sure helps choosing between two options. “Does me going here or there fulfill my purpose?”

So how did I discover my purpose in the first place? Well, the first step was surrendering to this knowledge of not knowing anything. And this answers the initial question “Do we have a life purpose?” We don’t know. But we are still around because we choose to, so we can choose to live with intention and feel like we matter because we decide that life does?

Over the coming weeks, I will share other tools that have been helpful and powerful on my journey, a journey I am of course still on. I am also not planning on reaching the finishing line until I leave my earthly body. There is way too much to explore and discover along the way.


YAY! ANNOUNCEMENT TIME! On September 28th 2019, I will be hosting an in-person workshop for any purpose seeker near Edinburgh. Perfect if you feel completely lost or simply need to get crystal clear on your purpose. Together with beautiful yoga teacher and friend Romaine, we will explore this journey so thoroughly together, that you will come out of it with your unique action plan, feeling supported and confident to live an intentional life. Creating this space for you is actually perfectly descriptive of my very purpose, but I will get into that then. Places are limited to secure a safe and intimate atmosphere, so BOOK YOUR SPOT HERE. Can’t wait to see you there. If you have any questions, pop them over here and I will get in touch soon.

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  1. Elin Henriksson says:

    Thought of this:
    Say not, ‘I have found the truth,’ but rather, ‘I have found a truth.’ – Kahlil Gibran


    1. You completely got my point. Thank you for sharing!! I will definitely borrow this quote 😉


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