I look for minutes, seconds, tiny moments between every commitment and every activity to work on my passion project.

In January, I was fulfilled and ecstatic from the content that took shape and my course grew and grew and grew to the point where I started struggling to keep it realistic in regards to the time I have,  and what the final cost of it would be for future clients. Because I gave more and more of myself and at the same time it felt like I owned it less and less. How did I end up there?

A couple of days before my trip to Ireland, my very own coach challenged me to do in April what I had intended to do months from now. Yes, she was sure I was more than ready NOW. So with that new plan, because of course, I was going to stretch and confront my fear, I took off to Ireland and had my first 3 day break from working on my business since I started it. After hours of conversations with my amazing friends it dawned on me.

What I have seen happen to so many of my entrepreneurial friends who I grew up with, had happened to me. It probably happens to all of us to some extent. Other’s truths and realities fade into our own. I am still pretty new to business running and willing to absorb other’s success stories, silver bullet solutions and advice. So much advice.


So I did what I preach myself. I took action to steer myself back to my “why”. My dreams and vision and the whole reason I started this journey. And yes, one can change, but I believe that there is something really fragile, pure and important to cherish in that very first passion thought you had. It is totally worth going back to what lit the spark in you that later turned into a kick-ass fire.

So, what I do to stay on track now?

  • I set a side way more time for meditation so that I really tune in daily to my path and make sire my actions are aligned with it.
  • When my mind is too chaotic, I journal instead. That is a magical and underrated tool.
  • I work SO HARD on saying yes to myself. If I feel inspired, I create. If I feel overwhelmed, I rest. If I feel energetic, I do yoga. If I feel social, I network or have a coffee with a person. That means more work gets done at some points, and other times I take care of me instead. Because If I am to serve this world until I am 90 years old I need to make sure I stay sane and happy and keep a sense of purpose through this whole madness called life.

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