Do you have this unexplainable longing to visit a certain place in the world? Did you ever go somewhere to immediately feel at home? As many of you know, my country is Ireland.

_I CAN HANDLE IT_(13).png


In 2012, I temporarily left my job and went backpacking around the country. While friends told stories of kangaroos and surfing and cocktails on the beach, my stories conveyed celtic legends told by magical people, grey skies over deep green hills and castle ruins. Colorful buildings and accents that melted the cold Scandinavian within. Everyone assumed I was Irish (until I spoke), and I truly think a part of me is.

Back home again, all I could think was “How do I get back there?” I committed to other things, adventures and people, but never let go of the thought of one day living in the country of my dreams.


At the age of 24, I thought “I should get a University Degree. That is just what people do…” Did you know that the strongest motivation for me to take that step was the thought of being able to study abroad? Do you see? I got my “how” and had to trick the system a little, but there I was. In January 2017, I found myself back in country of craic and how’r’ya. Ireland exceeded my expectations again, and the time spent there is truly the most precious I have as an adult.

I really believe that we all have this voice within us that is often drowned out by tunes of “coulds” and “shoulds”, expecations, fears and limiting beliefs. When we listen carefully, we might just hear that sound of pure truth, hinting about what is right for us at this very point in our lives. Let’s call it intuition.

What I really want to say with this post is that if you say yes to this inner voice, Universe WILL show you ways to get where you want in life, it’ll show you the “hows”. If you say yes.

_I CAN HANDLE IT_(15).png

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