The fact that I didn’t learn to walk until the age of 2 did not stop me from moving forward. I developed a sort of jumping-on-my-butt technique, much to the amusement of others. At school, I was always trying to reach perfection. It was easy for others and myself to be proud of my accomplishments because I just figured out what was expected of me and worked accordingly.

“As long as you always do your best, you have nothing to be disappointed in…”

At the age of 22, I hit the wall.

Every man for himself(2)

Always knowing I was called to lead, I looked up to plenty of powerful women who shared their success stories. Women who, despite their gender, gained the position and respect they wanted – and deserved. But at 22, I had to question everything. Have you noticed how the majority of the world’s most powerful women resemble male leaders in their ways and gestures? It is not strange that we ourselves embrace these traits as if they are the right way to success and fulfilment.

Can you relate to anything from the picture above? These limiting beliefs are just some of the mental clutter I have, myself, worked hard to remove. I had to – both for my personal and professional life. They are founded on the masculine structures of our achievement-focused society and are the primary reasons my clients are paralyzed by their perfectionism, why they never feel “done”, why they cannot ask for help and instead take upon them the responsibility of other peoples’ issues as well, proving to the world that they have it all together. But nagging thoughts keep them up at night: “What-if-I-had-done-it-that-way-instead?” I love showing my clients how to balance the masculinity and femininity within them.

I focus on how my women want to feel and what experiences they want in life. I treat mental clutter like physical clutter that needs to be acknowledged and removed. As we pile it all up, we discover where it is “stuck” and clogs their minds. Along with hardcore mindset training, healthier routines and habits are created, which spirals into the women becoming great gatekeepers to their own lives so that the transformational results persist. At the end, there is a woman with a peace of mind, who knows who she is in this world and where she is going. Who has the confidence and energy to do precisely that.

I wish I had grown up being encouraged to embrace both masculine and feminine structures within me, but that has instead created a motivation to inspire people to do.


Interested in this process? Dealing with limiting beliefs is a big part of big part of my upcoming semi-online course.  Do you want to be one of the first to know more about it without committing to anything? Email me to sign up for my newsletter! #FromDrainedToLiveWire

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