1. If you declutter your home, you develop the muscle that makes active decisions for you.
  2. If you declutter your brain in the morning, you are much more grounded and mindful during the day.
  3. If you declutter your thoughts about the past, you let go off things that make you feel stuck.
  4. If you declutter your guilt-based relationships, you have more energy to build meaningful connections with yourself and truly loved ones.
  5. If you declutter your social media, you feel less numb and more alive, more present.
  6. If you declutter your home, you get a calmer, more organised mind, and less that ties you down.
  7. If you declutter your brain in the evening, you will sleep better.
  8. If you declutter your worries about the future, you can focus on gratitude and making great choices right now.
  9. If you declutter unnecessary responsibilities, you will untie the knots in your chest and allow yourself to breathe and laugh properly.
  10. If you declutter your bad habits, you will have time to figure out what you really want to feel and experience – and time to go out there and do it.

If your life stays decluttered – you will experience more space, time and energy. You will feel freedom, harmony and at peace. And it lasts.


These are all examples of physical, mental, emotional, social and digital minimalism. Getting all practical about this is one part of my upcoming semi-online course.  Do you want to be one of the first to know more about it without committing to anything? Email me to sign up for my newsletter! #FromDrainedToLiveWire

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