Since last summer, I have felt a deep wish to join a women’s circle. I don’t know why I haven’t gone, since every other woman I meet in Edinburgh either attends them or hosts one. Finally, in connection to the upcoming equinox and full moon, I did participate. This was yesterday and my oh my, do I feel the need to write about this experience.

It is hard to pinpoint exactly why I have felt drawn to this concept. It might have been the longing for sisterhood, for a sacred space where I can share my pains, dreams and knowledge and make space for others to share theirs. I want to become a better listener, but also be a person who allows myself the space to share. To receive and to take. What a beautiful, and rare, balance in our world today.

The theme was about how we connect with the feminine and the masculine within us. The topic resonates with me so much as I am on a journey of allowing more feminine powers to flow within me. With the masculine structures of our world and where my leadership tends to go, I not only want a more gentle way to balance out the goal-oriented me, but I need it. To not burn out. We are all warriors and goddesses and that is what makes us so powerful.

Through relaxation, deep meditation, sound therapy, journaling, manifesting, sharing stories in the circle and listening to the wisdom of our lovely circle facilitator, we took community to a whole new level. I can’t believe how much we laughed and cried together and how supporting and loving the energies were.

The purpose of a circle is to be a non-hierarchical sacred space for support, creativity and the sharing of ideas. I understand why women have come together like this since prehistoric times.

As cheesy as it may sound, joining a women’s circle was everything I had hoped for and more. If you get the chance to try one – DO. Will I ever go back? Oh yes.

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