Do you often feel like you have accomplished everything that you wanted or needed to do? Is everything on your to-do-list ever checked off?

I am, like many of you, an over-achiever. Wanting to perform 110% in all areas, juggle ten projects at once, impact the world and everyone in it. Imagine my to-do-list for life… This masculine approach to success; the constant reaching of goals, of achievement based structure, is sure to burn many of us out. It wasn’t until I asked myself the following questions that I realized how important it was for me to quickly implement some feminine, humble, loving leadership to my planning:

  • What does “done” even mean for me? How will I know that I have reached it?
  • Do I, hand on heart, set realistic goals for myself? Thinking about the physical time and energy I have available.
  • What would happen if I defined “done” based on realistic and loving daily goals? Something that I could reach every single day without compromising on anything.

Woah. Major wake up call.

No, I don’t even know when it is I would be done as there are always a million other things I could do for my business, relationships, my home and for myself.

No, I set goals based on a 9 day week with 30 hours per day,  not taking into account that I would also like to breathe once in a while, feeling good enough.

Deciding to be done at 8pm every night now gives me time to nourish myself and my favourite people, not focus on achievement or production. Having a reasonable amount on my to-do-list every week makes me…yes, feel done every week. PLUS – the weeks that I manage to do some extra stuff thanks to an energy or inspiration boost are extra satisfying.

I am a programmed over-achiever, but I am proud to have taken these gigantic first steps towards the dreamy and sustainable state of “good enough”.


This is one of the important mindset issues I will work in my upcoming semi-online course.  Do you want to be one of the first to know more about it without committing to anything? Email me to sign up for my newsletter!

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