In December, I attended a bootcamp for creating my own signature system, in other words – having something to offer that is truly unique to me and my business and as a positive consequence, having a passive income while I create more quality content. Then came Christmas, and my head was buzzing with ideas and excitment. I know what results people get from working with me, I know who I have loved working with, I know where I come in with passion. But there is that one feeling that tends to overpower the best of us at the very first brush stroke.


And when I don’t know where to start – I don’t. I do everything else, but that does not get me anywhere, does it? Well, a cleaner home. January left me feeling a mixture of inspiration, excitement, overwhelm and plenty of procrastination tendencies, but I am happy to announce that I am finally on track! And I have learnt a whole bunch of great tools to overcome this creative block on the way.

  • Admitting to myself that, whether I want to or not, the exact signature system statement, the objective, is going to change and mature throughout the process. And that is ok. That is even a great reason to start my iterative process NOW.
  • Getting a focus group. I have a handful of enthusiastic women representing my ideal customer who have offered to trial my material, brainstorm, give feedback. That gives me pressure to create actual material for them and I know that I am held on track through the entire process.
  • Creating a 90 day action plan. This, my friends, has been the main turning point. When I had decided on my final timeframe, I listed precisly every step (that I am aware of) in a chart, sorting them into the timeline, marking which weeks I was going to do what. I then added all of them into my paper calendar with a box in front. I get a great satisfaction out of ticking boxes. Time pressure also happens to be my ultimate source of inspiration and focus.
  • Meditation. I add this only because I can not stop. This is vital in my life for staying grounded and “gathered”. To consistently tune into my purpose.

Happy creation, friends. Today, you close your eyes, ask “What do I feel like doing?”, set a timer on ten minutes and you just do that something. Afterwards, you throw it away without showing anybody anything, forgetting about it yourself. Or – it is your first brush stroke to a masterpiece.

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