For the last couple of years, I did not make New Year’s resolutions. What is the point when most of us fail after only two or three weeks?

Instead, I set a theme.

What does it mean to have a theme for the year? Well, for me, it is having a word in the back of my head whenever I make plans, decisions, during creation and goal setting. It is an intention for how I want to behave, what will make me a better version of myself, where I want to be.

For 2019, I chose…


Focus with purpose, intuition and love. It was really important for me to add these three keywords, as focus itself can be a hard word, leading me into a distorted masculine kind of leadership and burn out.

  • Focus with purpose. Before using up all my energy, I get clear on why I do what I do. Will it actually take me where I want to be? Does it have to get done now or even by me? Which brings me to…
  • …focus with intuition. I tune into my inner guide to tell me whether this is something I truly want to do. If not, does it still take me to what I truly want to do? Am I on the right track? Where are my boundaries? Which brings me to…
  • …focus with love. I will always prioritise my health and sanity. I create routines around work that bring me joy and energy. I avoid crossing the line. Never again overworked.

So far, this theme has led me onto an amazing path of discovering the path of cycles, my inner cycle as a woman, as well as the seasonal cycle and that of the moon. Because I believe that nature and we are all created from the same energies, this knowledge will really benefit me in becoming the kind of leader I want to become, but I have also slowly started implementing it into the planning of my private and professional calendar. This is a path that I will share more of as I have walked a bit further.

What is your theme for this year?

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