Minimalism is about owning as little as possible, and a lifestyle for vagabonds and ascetics. Not for me. I don’t want to only own, like, 30 items.


This used to be my attitude towards minimalism, and probably the biggest misconception out there. Then, what is minimalism really about?

Surrounding yourself with things that serve you.

A minimalist will only surround themselves with items that make them happy and that they need. Why is this so important? Because by not owning anything unnecessary, things that make us guilty or are filled with negative emotions, we get more energy and time for the things that truly have meaning to us. And you want to know something amazing?

This can be implemented in all areas of your life.

Holistic Minimalism vs. a Cluttered Society

How many of you feel overwhelmed in one or more of the following areas?

  • The information intake
  • Our communication and relationship with other people
  • Our homes
  • Our inner thoughts
  • Our social media consumption
  • Our food consumption
  • Our relationship with economy
  • Our time management
  • Our decisions and actions


By decluttering the abstract areas of our lives the way we declutter or wardrobes, there are incredible – and unexpected – benefits to receive:

  • We free up space in our house, schedule, mind, body and thereby invite clarity and new, fresher things to us.
  • We free up time for the things, people and activities that really matter and bring out the best in us.
  • We save endless amounts of money while still living in abundance (because we are only surrounded by things that matter to us).

These are the instant results of minimalism. And as time passes, we start training this muscle in our head that makes conscious decisions. The more decisions we make about what needs to go and what needs to stay in our lives, the more control we take over it.

I am not even near 100% conscious living, but more and more I catch myself, once again, acting on autopilot, passively making a choice for myself. My muscle is getting stronger by the day, and as there is less to distract and disturb, I am seeing things clearer. I am gaining CLARITY. Who I am, who I want to be and where I am going. That, my friends, is a miracle.


There is no going back once I started, and I don’t want to either. My life on this earth is for me, I am learning to be fully present. And you know what – the ‘owning as little as possible’ has slowly become an enticing challenge, or rather – an obsession of mine.





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