[Exciting announcement at the end of the post!]

During the last two weeks, I have taken part in a 14 day Facebook Live Challenge. Every morning after yoga, I’ve watched the professional daily teach in our private group while eating my porridge, and everyday I have had to elaborate on the topic of the day. Live. No retakes. One chance. Two weeks ago, the persistent perfectionist in me frowned, thought I’d never survive it.

On the day that “Challenge” was the actual topic, we learned something that has since then developed in my head. Some people do not want to feel challenged, they love living in their comfort zone, called “control”, and that’s alright. Outside of the comfort zone is the “stretch zone” and outside of that – “panic!”. Living in the stretch means that you constantly try to challenge yourself, and are probably scared of stagnation.


For those who know me well, the fact that I participated in yet another online challenge is no surprise (as I might be the biggest challenge junkie out there). This time around, however, accountability wasn’t what I was primarily out to get. No, this time I was honestly signing up for the scariest thing I can think of. I was learning about, getting used to and preparing myself for the regular use of video within my business. Signing up for this meant signing up for a new direction, for REALLY stepping out of a comfort zone, fighting pride and telling myself that the only one who can determine my value is me. If I want to do this – I will! Now there is no way back, but you know what? It is fine. I love thriving in the stretch. Never getting too comfortable, always having to stay creative and learn new things about myself.

Do you think the stretch might be something for you?

Then do whatever it takes to make things happen. Ask for support, get an accountability partner, celebrate every single step along the way. Fear means that you are growing, and the only way to overcome fear is to go out there and do whatever it is you have got to do.

The actual outcome of these two weeks?
I am beyond excited to finally host my first own FREE challenge on one of my passion topics. Follow my official Facebook page and you’ll find out more on Tuesday. I think you’ll love it.

With love,

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