Certainly, people gossip about me. What exactly do they say and how can I avoid it?
I think they liked my gesture, maybe, I just wished they would show their appreciation so I would know for sure.
Maybe it is because I am slightly different that they don’t like what I do? I don’t even like the results of what I do. I wish things came easier, more naturally for me, like for everyone else.

In Swedish, uncontrolled and bashing thoughts about oneself are called hjärnspöken – brain ghosts. They find any way in, fill any space of your consciousness and could tell you anything.

I haven’t always had a self-love practice. Often, thoughts similar to the ones above would win over attempts to stay bold or they would come as I was drawing closer to the outskirts of my comfort zone. During some periods, even actions within my comfort zone would attract the meanest ghosts. Their voices are shrill and patronising. They are the voices of a perfectionist.

And most importantly – brain ghosts cringe at the word self-love.

In my reality, self-love isn’t a luxury, it is a necessity that your brain ghosts might feel aversion towards.

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For a long while, I was convinced that self-care equaled self-love, but I have realized that it is only one of several ways of expressing it. Here are some other:

  • I know who I am, what my values, intentions and goals are. I live accordingly.
  • I take care of myself physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I prioritize well-being and joy.
  • I listen to my inner voice, intuition, and body and express myself with confidence.
  • I know and respect my personal boundaries.
  • I accept the good and bad about myself and speak kindly to myself.

What has surprised me the most since I started coaching? The perceived self-worth among the majority of my clients has been rated incredibly low. And I am the first one to relate.

If you have more brain ghosts than you can handle, are dependent on other people’s approval, or call yourself a perfectionist – I would love to work with you to skyrocket that soon-to-be vibrant self-worth of yours. Click here to book a FREE breakthrough call.

Until then, here are some effective affirmations. Repeat your favourites when you sit in silence, commute, cook, brush your teeth. And remember: SELF-LOVE ISN’T EGOCENTRIC. You’ll notice that in due time.



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