This is a soul story about that stunning skirt you no longer use and are considering getting rid of, and how that will go beyond freeing up some space in your wardrobe.

By now, I know just about every excuse in the book to why the skirt has to stay. “It’s a gift.” “I bought it on a perfect holiday in Greece.” “This was my identity a few years ago and what if I start loving it again in the future?” “I don’t like it, but I look amazing in it…I was told.” “Maybe it will be the perfect skirt for some future party.” To name a few.

It actually doesn’t matter – once you manage to get past them, the outcome is similar. And life-changing.

Untitled design(4)

These outcomes are truly amazing in themselves, and I will expand on each of them in future posts, but what I and other minimalism junkies have realized in our process of decluttering, is bigger.

I lived a passive life, until the day I realized that I did. I woke up in the morning, ate my porridge, and the day passed like that. How many conscious choices did I make on a daily basis? Well, considering it was my life, too few.

By making the choice to clear out things that don’t serve us anymore – but create guilt, chaos, and a sense of no control – we tell ourselves that we are taking control over what and who we allow to surround us.

What I didn’t know as I filled that first huge bag of old wear, was that I was training my brain to make conscious choices for me. And owning about 1/5 of what I did less than two years ago, I am in a different place. With the physical clutter gone, I found clarity and direction. I then began to revitalize my relationship with myself, the people in my life, and with money. The more I decluttered, the more balanced all areas felt. Externally and internally. Never a passive life again.

Does this resonate with you? Watch out for my new mini-series on YouTube where I will deal with your most ingrained arguments to why your skirt should stay. And everything else. I am sure you will relate.

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