What is coaching?

A result-orientated, systematic process for the improvement of your life experience

Unlocking your potential to maximise your life’s quality

A collaboration. I have the questions,
you have the answer

Your results

You will be the leader of your life again, with purpose and direction

You will feel 100% more energised,
inspired, organised, limitless

You will be closer than ever to your dream life, with tools and confidence to reach it

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What my clients are saying

Elvira helped me to become more aware of my inner self. She helped me to discover the tools I needed to improve different areas and aspects of my life. For example, Elvira helped me to create an affirmation that really works, ways to create new and better habits about things that I have wanted to change for a long time. She truly has an ability to listen, coach you and make you feel comfortable and secure.

Sabina C.

Where do I begin? Elvira is one of the best listeners I have ever had the pleasure of confiding in, and one of the sweetest and most understanding people I have ever spoken to. Just an hour on the phone with her changed
the way I think about my situation and some of the inner struggles I am dealing with. If you’re looking for a Coach, or just an inspiring person to learn from, Soul Stories by Elvira is a great place to start!

Kinsleigh S.

Take the first step towards your goals

£50 / session (60 min)

1:1 coaching in English or Swedish

✔ In person, over the phone or online

✔ Specialised in self-esteem and confidence

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